[Tutorial] Configure WooCommerce Chatfuel Integration in 3 Mins

[Tutorial] Configure WooCommerce Chatfuel Integration in 3 Mins

Ever wanted to build a chatbot that can sell? Here we introduce Woocommerce Chatfuel plugin which integrates your Woocommerce store with popular chatbot builder platform, Chafuel. So, If you want to know how Woocommerce Chatfuel integration works, then you probably want to stick around. In this article we will explain how to enable Facebook messenger in your website and also some configuration you can make in Woocommerce Chatfuel settings.

Facebook messenger is a chatting feature provided by Facebook platform. Well if you’re a Facebook user then you may already know it and probably used it. Facebook messenger appear in the Facebook’s main bar at the top of the page. Facebook messenger created to help users chatting and stay connected with Facebook friends. But is there any other benefit we can exploit through Facebook messenger?

What we will cover

  • How to enable Facebook messenger on your website
  • Chat Settings
  • Chatfuel Settings
fb messenger location

With the Woocommerce Chatfuel integration, Facebook messenger can be viewed through the website page. Not only for a live chat to assist users, the messenger consist of a Chatfuel bot that can provide you assistance such as, logging in, viewing product or post, checkout process, checking your order, and providing order status notification. Here’s a preview how the messenger looks on the website page.

chatfuel web preview

  1. How to enable Facebook messenger on your website

So how to enable Facebook messenger on your website? First, open your Chatfuel settings through your WordPress dashboard.
chatfuel settings location

It will direct you to this page. Now you need to Insert your Facebook page ID that you can find in your Facebook page.

insert fb id

You can find your Facebook page ID here. First go to your Facebook page, then click About. Facebook page ID will be shown in there.

facebook id location

Copy the Facebook page ID and insert Facebook page id in the Chatfuel setting page. And don’t forget to Save every time you make changes.

fb id copied to settings
save button

After you save it, refresh and go to your main page and messenger icon will appear at the bottom of your page, It allows visitor to chat.

chatfuel icon preview

  1. Chat Settings

Post not found : default message to display in Facebook chat when post is not found the the query.  For Example, in the section you put ‘The post you are looking is not found’
post not found section

After you enter the text you want to shown in the messenger, this would how it looks like in the Facebook messenger.

post not found message

It will shows that the product you’re looking for is not exist or currently not available. It goes the same way to ‘Tag’ and ‘Category’. You can enter any text you want to shown when ‘Tag’ or ‘Category’ is not found. It applies same thing for product.

For example of product, the message in the chat would appear like this. Same thing goes for Product category and Product tag. You customize the message in the Chatfuel settings.

product not found message

To enable Order status changed notification, enter a Chatfuel bot’s block name to send update when an order status is changed.

order status section

In order for this feature to work, you need to copy the exact name of the block. Name should be exactly the same just like the example provided.

orders update block name

  1. Chatfuel Settings

This section is about configuration of Chatfuel broadcast api. In order for your website to send update to your Bot ,Bot ID and Broadcast Token are required. Bot ID and Broadcast Token used to identified your Chatfuel Bot. Meaning different Bot has different bot id and broadcast toke
bot id & broadcast token section

Bot ID can be found in your Bot URL. Bot ID consist of mixed figures of letters and numbers placed between the word ‘bot’ and ’structure’.

chatfuel bot id

Broadcast Token can be found in Configure located in the bot dashboard. Scroll down then you should find the Broadcast Token. Similar to the Bot ID, it consist of mixed figures of letters and numbers.

broadcast token

Once everything is done, additional thing you need to know is Woocommerce Chatfuel Integration Plugin API to help you pulling various data from your Woocommerce store.

To see how it works, watch how WooCommerce Chatfuel Integration Plugin here

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