Why Customer Persona is Important for your online Business and How to Create one

Why Customer Persona is Important for your online Business and How to Create one

In businesses, you may come across a terms like segmentation that help businesses to narrow and grouping their audience. But what if you want more insight understanding of a customer in a personal level? Research stated that 71% of companies that exceed revenue and lead goals have and used a Customer Persona.

What is Customer Persona

Customer Persona is a profile that represent your ideal customer with different of type based on research and real data. It create much more detailed picture of the ideal customer, including more Personal information such as personal motivation, challenges and even their favorite brand. It’s basically a tools that company can use to have a better understanding of their customer. A Persona is not a stereotype rather its a real data based on market research. To put into perspective, you have to think why your customer want to do business with you.

Is Customer Persona important and beneficial for E-commerce?

For a website business such as online retailers and e-commerce, customer Persona able to help them by get more understanding of whom are they designing and also generated a potential needs and motivation of various types of site visitors. It means you can create more personalize content for your customer based of a better understanding.


In another word, it can help the marketing team and designing team  to study customer’s behavior and expectation and put them into customer’s perspective. For example, in designing a website, a mere design opinion from you or your team can lead to website design that pleased you but not your target market.


Another benefit you can generate from Persona is knowing where your customer likely to spend time online such as where they go for source of information or social networks that they use to connect with family and friends. For example, George, a 50 years old teacher that used  internet only for checking emails. And Lisa, a 29 years old marketing executive that use social media network daily.


But we are here not only to inform you in theory but we would give you a detailed guidance on how to make a Customer Persona. Thus, in the end of this article we’re confident you have the capabilities necessary to make one.

How are you going to use it

Now you have the customer Persona filled with the data of your customer’s needs and behaviour, how can we use this profile for our business. Persona can be used to help you make decision on how your ad budget is going to be spent. Now that you know your customer’s behavior, which social platform they use and spend most of the time, you can allocate your budget based on your Persona research.

Customer Persona can also be used to develop an insight for customer journey based on customer behaviors. HubSpot describe customer journey as “the active research process a buyer goes through leading up to a purchase”. For example, in the page of your product list, customer would prefer to have an option to open the page of the product directly or open the page in a new tab. Because some websites didn’t allow you to open the product page in the new tab.

What you need to make Customer Persona

Before we actually create one, there are few things you need to prepared. As I told you, Customer Persona is based on research and real data, not stereotype and assumption. So here’s a few method that available to collect the data necessary.


If you already have an existing customer and have their personal data, the best way is contact them directly via email with a survey like this:

If you don’t have existing customer, you can share your survey on social media platform:

facebook survey

Here are a few platform to create survey:

Or generate data from Google analytics:

google analytics

How to Create Customer Persona

To actually create a Customer Persona, you need a template to place the data you gathered where later it becomes the profile or Customer Persona. There are few website that provide service for Customer Persona generator. These are the few website that provide Customer Persona generator:



The empty template would look like this:

customer persona template

*Personality, motivation, preferred channels bars are customizable in the website


Now we get to the part on how actually to create Customer Persona. These are some example of how Customer Persona looks like:

So now we get the visual representation of Customer Persona, what are the meaning of each part in the template? To make sure you fully understand the meaning of each part, we will explain you one by one.


This section represent of the Persona’s demographic background. Information should be represent the data that you gathered. This information help you create a strong image of your target customer.


  • Age

  • Gender

  • Occupation

  • Marital Status

  • Location

  • Annual Income

  • Education


Personality means how can you represent the characteristic from the overall image of your Persona. This section is based on Myers Briggs personality types. Read here if you want to know more information of each bar.


Describe the Persona in a few words based on their motivation, personality, work-ethic, and priorities. Are they ambitious? Organized? Or are the hardworking? Use some traits that help you describe your Persona.


Generally speaking, goals could be something the Persona willing to achieved. Goals also could mean what is your persona is looking for in a product or service. The goals could be what the Persona wants to achieve by using your product or service. By looking example above, Jill who required to travel a lot each months has a goals to have less time in booking a travel and narrow her option quickly.


This is one of the most important part that you must really understand and take a closer look. Frustration means what is preventing your Persona from achieving their goals. From the example provided above, Jill a frequent traveler frustrated by complicated booking process and too much time spent in the process. Knowing these problem will help you to create content that solve offers your audience solutions. This section helps you to identified what’s the best features for your website.


Bio should be a short paragraph explaining the Persona’s journey and story. Usually it used to put kind of information that left out or weren’t describe in the template.


This section explained what motivates your Persona to take action. It could be anything based on the data. It could be growth, achievement, price, and even fear. For example, Jill valued convenience and price and that motivates her to visit your website.


Display of logo what are you Persona’s most favorite brands. This brands could be your competitor or might be your competitor in the future.

Preferred Channels

In the empty template that we provided above, you may not fully understand what is preferred channel and what its consist of. The information in the preferred channels will help you to know how to reach your audience. If your audience are young teenegers you may not see them reading newspapers. Teeneger might be better to reach through television or social media. This is just a representation where to focus when reaching your audience. For Customer Persona, usually it used 4 types of categories:


  • Traditional Ads : TV, radio, billboards

  • Online & Social media  : Banner ads, video/audio ads, Facebook, LinkedIn

  • Referral  : Family & friends recommendation, influencer, online review

Guerrilla Efforts & PR  : Events, experiential marketing, out-of-home marketing

To summarize it, an effective and well-design Customer Persona for your website will help you to target your audience. You must keep this in mind, that Customer Persona will keep changing and evolving as you find more information about your customer and what motivates them. You can find yourself  an entirely new persona that completely different compared to what you already have.

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