How to Write Better Facebook Ad Copy

How to Write Better Facebook Ad Copy

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Facebook Advertising has become one of the advertising platform that business can’t resist in this era. This is because with Facebook, businesses can reach out to billions of users out there through their very personal platform, which is social media accounts. Facebook targeting tools has become the best reason why people choose facebook ads, this is because you can reach people within your target without overexposing which will cost your business more. The main question is, when given the chance to target the right people, are we able to eventually write the right advertising text or copy to draw their attention? In this article, we will show you how to write a better Facebook Ad copy.

These are few ways you may want to try in your next ad so that you can grab attention better:

1. Ask Questions

Asking questions can be strategic when it comes to attract your target attention. This is because you are asking your target the question that actually fits to their need and current situation. With a single glance, they already know what your business are and what you can help them with.

For example, Jobstreet use “Looking for a job?” as their first sentence in one their ad copy. They also come with more specific job field with question like “Are you looking for your next career opportunity in Accounting and Finance?”  People who are currently seeking for job and showed behaviour related to job seeking in Facebook might saw the advertisement and click instantly because through that ad copy they already have the idea of what Jobstreet is for.

A screenshot of Jobstreet Facebook Advertisement

Another example of jobstreet using question on their ad copy.

2. Put the right CTA (Call-To-Action)

Call To Action is a sentence consisting of certain words that encourage your target to act on something that will lead to your advertising objective go success. The call to action must match whatever action you want them to do after seeing your ads.

A screetshot of VIsa Facebook Advertisment

You can directly ask your target customers to “Sign Up” if your product is simple enough to understand through the ads. The customer may just wanted to try by signing up. But if your brand is way more complicated than that and need better comprehension, you may want to put on “Learn More” as your CTA because with no clear idea on what your business is about, target customers won’t want to spend time signing up….and end up keep scrolling.

Putting on words such as “free” as in “Sign Up for Free” might attract your customers more. And if your product is not a free product and you offer free trials, customers might have fear to actually sign up for the thing, comforting words such as “You may cancel Anytime” after your call-to-action really helps!

3. Put in statistical numbers

Putting in statistical numbers will give your target customers a sense of reliability and and trust. This tactic can be more effectively use if your business already have customers because you can put your customer numbers in your advertisement copy if they are just enough amount to make people confident of you.

Just like how DataCamp already implemented, they mentioned the number of students that have taken the course. This will give their target customers the sense and feelings that this DataCamp is reliable, good, and worth it.

Setapp App put “Join other 500 000 users today” in their ad copy. Same strategy, same intention. It is to give customer that sense of “Oh, many people have use it, it must be good and useful.”


4. Emotion Playing

This may sound bad and evil to you but it is not! You need to play with their emotion in various ways in order to grab their attention and eventually make them take and action you wanted. Screenshot of HootSuite Facebook Advertisement

Hootsuite put in “imagine” in their ad copy asking their target customers to imagine what it’s like to have all the benefits they provide. This will brings excitement to the target consumer to imagine that their life would be much better and organized.

Screenshot of Smart Agents Facebook Ads

Another example of playing with target customers emotions. This ad by Smart Agents give customer a sense of fear and sad and offering opportunity to agents to join him so that they can help these owners.

Since there are a lot of ways to affect your target customers emotions, you can always creatively think of a new ad copy that might touch their heart.

5. Make Your Ad Copy Simple and Short

This is very important, have you ever encountered a Facebook ad that have super long descriptions? If not, thank god. Trust us, your target customers won’t want to read a long ad. They will end up getting annoyed and scroll pass your ad, that’s a bad experience for both business and customers side. 

Take a look at how an advertisement with a long ad copy looks like: 

A screenshot of long ad copy

Are you willing to read the whole story even though the advertisement media is attractive? Most of the time your target customers won’t read. Our advertisement need to be understandable in a single glance. It is advisable for you to put up simple and short caption that is sufficient enough to let your customers have the idea of what your business is.

It is important to learn the basic technique on writing Facebook ad because we are spending more money if they are not as effective. Research, experience, and guide will help. And there’s a lot more ad copy strategy that you might want to test out and see the result. Whatever better, you will keep using it with improvements. Happy trying!


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