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HW Siew
After you had purchased WordPress plugin from us, it is important to activate your plugin in order to received support and update from us. In this guide, we will show …
HW Siew
Automate your selling in Facebook Messenger is not longer an impossible task. In fact it can be easily setup with the plugin we are going to introduce in this post. …
HW Siew
In order to trigger broadcast message in your WordPress site with selected target audiences, user attributes are required to be saved in WordPress database for audiences querying purpose.
HW Siew
Re-engaging with audiences is crucial for the success of your Messenger bot. Chatfuel offers several ways to re-engage with your audiences. Among all, broadcast message allows you to re-engage with …
HW Siew
Now you know how to easily setup the integration between Chatfuel and your WordPress site. In case you don’t, you may want to first check the Chatfuel Integration with WordPress …
HW Siew
Chatfuel is a leading codeless chatbot building platform for Facebook Messenger. The use cases of chatbot range from automated support to e-commerce. While Chatfuel is a great place to start …
Esther Ng
[Tutorial] How to Reset a User Password in WordPress If you got a problem to login your WordPress password, don’t worry you can regain your access by following the step …
HW Siew
Renewing website is important to make sure your website is still active. You need to renew every once a year. Check your website expired date on the account. Renewing is …
HW Siew
Facebook Advertising has become one of the advertising platform that business can’t resist in this era. This is because with Facebook, businesses can reach out to billions of users out …
HW Siew
For some group of people, the right to have privacy is a very sensitive matter. For websites owner in this matter, personal data might be some things that get overlooked …

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